What is breastmilk + memorial jewelry?

It is the art of professionally preserving elements such as hair, placenta, umbilical, breast milk or even other inclusions like a piece of your mom’s wedding dress or sand from your favourite vacation spot and making it into a piece of jewelry.

If you’ve ever gone through a significant moment in your life such as the birth of your child(ren), breast feeding or even the loss of someone, we’re able to take a small inclusion from that period of time and preserve it into a pendant, ring or even earrings.

Every piece of jewelry that goes out is hand made and professional preserved. When the inclusions are set, we go through each piece to ensure it meets our quality standards before it is sent to its new home. The finished product can be worn by itself or you can add it to an existing jewelry piece.

When your order is placed, we place a request with the specific artisan who then proceeds to create your beautiful piece. Everything is custom made according to ring size and any other unique details. With this being said, we are unable to offer refunds since your order helps support other small businesses. It is not feasible to refund your order once it is placed. 
If there is an issue within 24 hours of ordering, please let us know immediately so that we can offer you an alternative item.