Shimmers and Glitter Flecks

Add a little sparkle or colour to your breastmilk or memorial piece.  If you are ordering a piece where breastmilk will be preserved inside, we recommend going with the Cloud shimmer, even just the slightest amount. It adds a subtle sparkle without interfering with the breastmilk colour.
Our breastmilk pieces may occasionally have minuscule breastmilk flecks inside. This is something we kept with our preservation method, as we found it adds a unique appearance to our breastmilk pieces. We also use a colorless preservative that mixes in during the preservation process. It has a very subtle sparkle which is not noticeable unless no shimmer is selected. If this is something you do not want, please let us know so we can adjust the method. 

Please allow this page to load - images of each shimmer / glitter can be viewed below.

Add a little sparkle to your jewelry by selecting one of the shimmers below. When you order your jewelry piece, you can then select which shimmer you'd like to add (if any).  Shimmers are a pigmented powder meaning they will colourize your piece. If you're looking for a basic shimmer that won't add a ton of colour, we would recommend our Cloud shimmer.

Unicorn Dust – ideal for everything except breastmilk
Space – ideal for everything except breastmilk
Sapphire – ideal for everything except breastmilk
Rose Gold – breastmilk, hair, placenta
Cloud – ideal for everything, especially breastmilk
24K Gold – ideal for everything



Glitter Flecks
The glitter flecks will "float" within your inclusion piece. The glitters may colourize your piece but very minimally.

Steel – ideal for hair, placenta
Cadi's Pink – ideal for hair, breastmilk
Galaxy Dust – ideal for hair, placenta
Mermaid Purple – ideal for breastmilk, hair, placenta
Harvest – ideal for hair, placenta
Mermaid Sparkle – ideal for breastmilk, hair
Pink Sparkle – ideal for breastmilk, hair
Ruby – ideal for placenta
Mermaid – ideal for breastmilk, hair
Snow – ideal for everything
Silver – ideal for breastmilk, hair