Sending Your Inclusions

A small courtesy to us – please package each inclusion separately. Thank you. Please include the name provided on the order within the return address area. The address of where to ship the inclusions is listed in the Order Confirmation email. We do not post it publicly. 

DO NOT SEND YOUR INCLUSIONS AS REGISTERED MAIL (requiring a signature upon delivery!) 

Due to the fact that we are no longer accepting new orders, we do require your inclusions to be sent in no later than November 15, 2020. Any inclusions received after that will NOT be processed. Failure to send in inclusions will result in the order being cancelled and no refunds will be provided.


Placenta Powder (1 capsule)

Please note – we do not work with raw or frozen placenta. The placenta should be sent to us in capsule form. 

Breastmilk (at least 0.75oz / approximately 22ml)

We recommend using milk storage bags – triple bagging the milk is ideal, to avoid any possible leaks in your package. If you don’t have any milk storage bags, any Ziploc bag will work.

Again, please follow the three bag rule as we would hate to have any leak out! Feel free to send frozen, expired, refrigerated or fresh milk. 

When your breastmilk arrives, we will begin to preserve it within a few days of its arrival. This process takes about 3-5 weeks (depending on production). If you're in the US, DO NOT send more than 1oz of breastmilk! 


Please only send about 1tsp to make ONE jewelry piece. Any remaining ashes are sent back with the finished order.

If you're sending multiple inclusions, please separate them into different storage bags (such as breastmilk storage bags, Ziploc etc). We understand life happens so please let us know if your inclusions may be delayed at all. We are unable to offer refunds as we work with other handmade artisans to create your pieces. 

If you're within Canada, send your inclusions by letter mail or tracked mail. 

If you're within the US, you will need to fill out a customs form. Please mark the package as a gift, the value of $1 and contents can be listed as milk, supplies for jewelry, or anything along those lines. The average shipping price from the US to Canada is approximately $10.50 to $30USD. Send it by ground (it does not need to ship by air). We ask that it be sent by a bubble mailer (or any type of mailer). Inclusions don't need to be sent in a large box. 

Do not send your inclusions by UPS. Please use USPS if possible. Only send about 1oz of breastmilk. There is a risk of Customs flagging the package if more than 1oz of breastmilk is sent. We are not responsible for any inclusions being held by Customs if more than 1oz is shipped. No refunds are provided on orders. We are a very small business and work with other artisans to create the keepsake pieces you see on our website. Please follow the guidelines above.