Prairie Mama Perks

When you visit, you will see a purple icon at the bottom of the screen with a shopping bag and heart (mobile) or a shopping bag and heart with the words 'Prairie Mama Perks'.

When the button is selected, it will pop up with a small window that will allow you to become a Prairie Mama Perks member. Once you're signed up, you'll instantly earn 200 points! 

What are some other ways to earn points?
Some of these must be done through the Prairie Mama Perks window (such as following us on social media):

Become a Member (Create an account): 200 points

Place an order (must have created an account): 1 point for every $1 spent

Share on Facebook: 50 points

Follow us on Instagram: 20 points

"Like" us on Facebook: 20 points

You can also access your own referral code in this window.

Why do you need a referral code? Let's say you have a friend who would like to place an order with Prairie Mama. Send them the referral link which is linked to your account. They will receive a notification that they have a 10% off coupon code to use for their purchase AND you'll receive $10 towards a future purchase. Win-win right? 

Any questions? Concerns? Issues with the program? Give us a shout!