About Us

Bringing home a new baby is one of the moments everyone wants to treasure for several years into the future. One way of keeping these memories is through DNA and breast milk jewelry. Most people however find it extremely difficult and daunting task to acquire their ideal breast milk and DNA jewelry. At Prairie Mama Birth Services, I am dedicated to attending to the ever-changing demands of my clients in high-end breast milk and DNA jewelry. My major aim is to help you capture your breastfeeding journey and enhance an easy transition home.

The credibility of my company is attributed to my constant pursuit for fine pieces and high quality jewelry. At Prairie Mama Birth Services, I have set a high quality standard through which all my products have to meet before offering them to my clients. All of our jewelry is designed to help you keep your magical memories close at heart.

I take pride in our extensive variety of DA and breastfeeding jewelry. I understand that different people have different preferences and at the Prairie Mama Birth Services, I strive to offer dependable and lasting solutions to everyone with regards to DNA and breastfeeding jewelry.

We are located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada and do ship worldwide.