How do I order?

Did you know that we're able to preserve almost any type of inclusion such as breastmilk, ashes (pet or human), placenta (must be in powder form), sand or soil, or even loved ones hair.

Some of our products are quite small for some inclusions but it will often say in the product listing if we're unable to preserve a certain type of inclusion into a particular product. If you're ever in doubt, feel free to send us a quick email.

There's detailed information on how to ship your inclusions here.
You have up to 10 weeks to ship us your inclusions.  If you require more time or wish to send your inclusions after a certain date, no problem! Let us know so that we can make arrangements in our production schedule. the heck do I order?

It's really quite simple! Head on over to our shop and select which product(s) you wish to purchase.  You can add shimmers and/or glitter to your piece or leave it natural.  Our shimmers / glitters can be viewed here.  We're always happy to help choose a color combination if you're ever in doubt.

Once you're ready to pay, proceed in the checkout process and enter your payment details.  We also offer a payment plan option (put at least 10% down and pay the remaining amount over 1-12 months). Anytime during the payment plan, you're more than welcome to send us your inclusions!  Your finished piece will be shipped to you once your last payment is received.

After your payment details are entered in our secure checkout, send your order in! You will receive an order confirmation email with instructions on where to mail your inclusions.  If you do not receive this email within 48 hours of ordering, please let us know.