Temporary closure/self-care vacation

⭐️Much needed temporary closure / self care vacation: August 1-31, 2018⭐️


As a small business, I am literally one person who runs everything from receiving and organizing orders and inclusions, creating each piece to finalizing orders before they ship.


I am needing to step back and take some time for me. You can still order up until July 31 as any open orders will still be processed throughout our closure. Any stock on our website will be unavailable to purchase between August 1 until the 31. 


We operate at a 10 week turnaround time from when your inclusions are received until shipping. 


If you currently have an order with us, you can visit the Order Lookup page to see the status of where your order is in our queue: https://prairiemama.ca/pages/order-lookup This will always be available, even during our closure. 


💜 *Current orders are not affected by this closure as I will continue to process orders throughout August. Being a small business owner and mom, I am constantly “on” 24/7 and need to enjoy time with my family and soak up the rest of summer. ☀️


Products will then be available for purchase once again as of September 1, 2018. 


Thank you for your understanding and continued love. 😘



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