Our Production Queue is listed here with your order number. If you do not have your order number, please e-mail us or send us a message on Instagram or Facebook.

As of July 2020, we are working on orders / inclusions
received in March/April.
Please note: I am unable to provide frequent status updates as I am a one-woman business and a mother to two young kids.  I cannot provide an estimated shipping date. Keep an eye on this list as I update it a few times per week. When we receive your inclusions, we will update the list with your order number. If you do not have your order number (it is in the Order Confirmation email), please email us.
I do my best to reply to messages in a timely matter. But please keep in mind that I am a mom to two young kids and have also recently experienced a house fire so I am doing my absolute best to continue to fulfill orders but also deal with the mess that the fire left. Please allow 24-48 hours for me to reply. Thank you for your understanding. If you wish to donate to our fire repairs, the direct link is here

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